Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Hope and Phoebe were the aunties to this precious little person that they did not get to meet. 

Their big sister Joanne gave birth right after we left Haiti late this summer. Beth McHoul and crew rushed her to the hospital when she showed up bleeding heavily in late July.  Sadly, her baby died in the hospital a few days later. 

When I told Hope that the baby had died she was quiet and sad. Hope loves babies and has a strong maternal gene, often mothering her little sisters in ways they don't necessarily appreciate.

Two months have passed and Hope has chosen to pray for her big sister more than a few times.  Whenever we say, "Who can we be praying for, guys?",  Hope says, "My sisters." 

The sisters don't know each other super well because Hope and Phoebe have been with us since they were little babies and the big sisters first language is different than Hope and Phoebe's first language. They are however, family. There are connections that cross language barriers and cultural differences and socioeconomic status and passport countries and oceans. 

The little sister cares for the heart of her big sister and carries that concern and love with her wherever she goes. 
Bedline & Joanne

mini Bedline and Joanne (Hope and Phoebe)