Tuesday, February 18, 2014

on shame and grace

I don't know what it is in us that makes us want to shame one another. 

Yesterday I was reading comments on a recent blog post I wrote.  Someone said, "Shame on you" at the end of their comment (not directed at me, but still so harsh). 

It strikes me how damaging those three little words are to us all.

I am going to introduce an idea to the "shame on you" crowd ...

In some instances in your life, when you are talking one on one with God, perhaps you feel some shame and you need to come to God with that and work through it. Fine, feel that about yourself in healthy doses. In all other instances, PLEASE, I beg of you, remove "shame on you" from your vernacular. 

In review: 'Shame on ME' is allowed in rare instances for a short period of time (because GRACE and because FORGIVENESS)--- but never never "shame on you".
~          ~            ~ 

I shared a little bit on Glennon's blog last year about the shame in my life during my late teens and twenties. (Read it here.)