Tuesday, March 18, 2014

on light

We are going through some discomfort, mess, and emptiness and it is making it difficult to write or stay focused on any one thing for long. We have been doing our best in this time to grab onto the joy and hope that is all around us and to notice the beautiful things while we lean into the uncomfortable and scary stuff. 

I generally fear writing when troubles pile up - It is not out of dishonesty or shame, but it is out of a desire for there to be light in the things I write. 

Sometimes the hardest task or assignment of our days is to choose one loving thought over one angry, hurt, or fearful thought, and to choose it over and over as much as possible minute by minute and hour by hour and day by day. Because: Love wins.  

Today we are starting our day reminding ourselves that we don't need to see the end of the path, we don't need to know how every last thing will play out, we just need to choose love while we wait for the light to return.