Thursday, March 27, 2014

...Some pain, joy, suffering, and much triumph

Miguelita gave birth to beautiful 6 pound baby guy, Dudley, on Wednesday afternoon.  She made a decision that she COULD do it, then we watched her do it.  It was quite lovely for all that were lucky enough to see it happen.

Miguelita's husband and his brother celebrated after the safe arrival of Dudley. 
We ooohed and aaahed at their sweet moment of joy.

My friend (and preceptor) and I celebrated after the safe delivery. Every safe and happy birth is a reason to celebrate.

This family supported Miguelita through a couple of long days. They took turns being at the Maternity Center to love and encourage her. Sisters and brothers arrived with food, a kind word, a massage, their love for her encouraged her and us.

baby boy for Baleline this afternoon 

Today another first-time Mom named Baleline labored bravely. While there wasn't all the fanfare of a large supportive family unit, Jenny, her doula, was working to encourage and support her. Chandler, who works with her as she creates beautiful jewlery, came to help and love and step into the gap. Her second cousin came and helped her get her tiny son latched and nursing.  Nurses, Wini and Nirva stepped in often. 

"" "YOU.DID.IT!"  We said.
Baleline finally smiled as she said, "Wi". 

Some women lack a system of support, when that happens others step in. In an insufficient way they try to fill the space that a dad or grandma or aunt should fill.  It is in those moments prayers are uttered even more frequently and desperately. "Lord, be near." "Please God, fill this space with your mercy and love." "Father, we ask for a quicker than normal labor, make this suffering end and give this dear one the gift of her child quickly."  On this Thursday God showed up and answered specific prayers. Sweet young Baleline had a quick labor that ended well. 

~ ~ ~

On Tuesday Carline went home. A big family waited to greet her. We all prayed together for protection and thanked God for this new life.  

Life is precious.  
Celebrate it with us.

All Photos (except for the one she is in) courtesy of Jenny Duhm, Doula/Photographer

Post Script:
I have not forgotten the Open (Int'l) Adoption post(s), I just need the time to write them and have not had that yet. I'll try to finish soon.