Thursday, May 08, 2014

weird(er) days

I sat down to write about the last couple days.  I started writing rapid fire.  Then I went and read it and realized it cannot be explained.  It sounds way too freaky odd when typed out with details and explanations and names.  It sounds like I believe it is normal because I am explaining it. Instead, I have decided to spit it out with zero context because the context only serves to make me seem like I should be institutionalized.

Some pieces of stories from this week:
  • thigh level flood water - two flat tires -no jack - Costly. 7 hour commute
  • pooping on a kitchen floor (screaming that a baby is coming) (nope - no baby- just poo) to quote Beth McHoul: "many ladies poop while having a baby - this is normal. What happened yesterday was not that. It was a giant labor for a poop not a baby"
  • fainting/unresponsive for ten minutes some sort of psychological seizure with perfect vital signs and coming to because (not any expat staff) someone does this to wake you up. don't ask. we don't understand either.
  • high fevers everywhere we turn (Chikungunya is the talk of the island) Chicken - Goon - Yaaah if only the symptoms were as tame and nonthreatening as the name sounds ( Hear it here)
  • false labors - two of them - both very convincing at times 
  • getting so mad you become unconscious (that's a thing apparently?)
  • very high blood pressure caused by righteous anger
No two days alike. 
None of it can be predicted. 
One minute you are innocently leaving a hardware store and the next you are watching cars float by you.  One minute you are conscious, the next you are not. One minute you think a baby is coming, the next you realize there is poop to clean up.  

~              ~               ~

Unrelated photos from last week - a (busy) four baby week ...

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