Tuesday, July 08, 2014

3 Homecomings, Madi nan Ayiti (Tuesday in Haiti)

Jacqueline & Family with newborn baby girl, Esther

Andrena and the Francois Family with newborn baby, Michelet 
Lovelie (right) with her Mom, Grandma, and newborn son, Beaconlove, being held by Gran

The "Postpartum wing" (fancy terminology for a couple of beds and a table in room unattached to the Maternity Center) cleared almost all the way out today. Three of four new Moms went home this afternoon. 

Only Guerda and tiny Sophonie remain (for now). They are doing great, by the way.

We all loaded into the wonderfully reliable ambulance (best purchase ever - thank you donors!) and headed toward Jacquline's house first.  Jacqueline delivered on Saturday. Her husband was excited to see her and was sure to say "gracias" to us many times  - even though we all speak Kreyol, not Spanish. 

Next we went to Andrena's house. She delivered Sunday evening. The soccer game was about to start so we quickly took photos so that Andrena's husband could get back to the television.  Andrena's elderly mother was there to greet us too. She told us she had 10 children in her life. 3 that have died and 7 living. She was wonderfully cute.

After we left Andrena's house, we went several miles to drop Lovelie off at home. She lives in a wood pre-fab house that was put up after the earthquake as "temporary" shelter. She lives with her young mother and grandmother. She has done a great job nursing her son for his first 9 days of life and seemed ready to go home.  

We will see all of these ladies and babies again next Tuesday when they come for class. 

Your gifts, your generosity, your prayers (please please continue) help these women have a safe birth in a place where they are treated with love and respect. They are given the time to bond, begin breastfeeding, and recover, before they head back to the daily grind of life in Haiti. 

We are thrilled that they have this unique opportunity to be cared for, pampered, and loved.  Every women deserves this. 

Andrena, her mother, newborn son named Michelet