Sunday, July 27, 2014

adventures in odd and wonderful

Freedom from PortAuPrince - Aaaaaahhhh 

On Saturday we did well on our goal of making the most of the last few days with Paige and Michael both in Haiti.  We went on a mountain excursion.

To me the best part of the excursion was the beautiful drive winding up and down the mountain. That is easy for the passenger to say.  I also loved meeting the guy who owned the land near where we were hiking and hearing his story. We exhaled all the Port au Prince out and inhaled the fresh mountain air for a few hours.

When we got back down the mountain into the cement jungle again, we helped with the spaying of Mastiff, CeCe ,in the guestroom of the McHouls home:

Noah thinks he wants to be a Vet - he got to help with his first procedures.

ovary discection - because weirdwife
We then helped with the neuter of Mastiff, Robbie, in the same surgery suite - you maybe never met him, but trust me, you thank us for ending his options for spreading his DNA.

Kelly Crowdis is the missionary vet of all vets and we all find everything about her wonderful and fascinating. She let the boys numb up the nuts with lidocane (one nut per son) before Robbie kissed his manhood goodbye.

Noah delivering lidocane, because Haiti

We finished the vet-helper-jobs by having delicious homemade noodles made by the Heartline Board President and many time Haiti visitor, Sherri Healy.

Then, because the day had been so boring and nothing exciting had happened, Rosemine (a friend of Heartline, plays in the Presidential Palace Orchestra- well there is no palace, but there used to be a palace and now there is no palace but there is still an orchestra) played saxophone all during dessert while strolling around the dining room.

Back to regular old Monday-variety odd tomorrow.