Saturday, January 24, 2015

The 2015 Kick-Off

Anne Lamott said, "I've heard it said that expectations are resentments under construction..."

If expectations are resentments under construction --- holy cow, there just may be some major construction going on here.  

The first 22 days of January 2015 were packed with every joy, beauty, celebration, and fun you can imagine. Intertwined in all that were, family, old friends, new friends, and emotions of every variety. We can only hope that our children are not basing their expectations for the coming months off of the insane-party-life they just lived for the first many days of two-thousand-fifteen.  If they expect that much ice-cream, they need to find a dairy farmer to live with, it's not happening in Port au Prince.

In 2014 I basically made putting quotes on photos my job. I got sick of me, you got sick of me, I made way too many. It's all good, I can mock myself.  My "art" may have gone overboard, but you know I love a good quote appropriately paired with a photograph. 

My 2015 thing has yet to be determined - if I were to go with the trajectory of the first three weeks, the year needs to have something to do with celebration. That is the track we've been on thus far. 

Because we did one thing after the other after the other and just kept moving, we are finally able to reflect on all that we got to see, do, and experience in Florida and on the cruise-trip my parents took us on.

I decided I will preserve memories and history better if I break it down into parts. The kids had non stop funny insight and observations that I hope to find in all the places I scratched them down. My plan is to break it up into smaller sections to try not to get overwhelmed with documenting everything. 
  • Traveling with kids and Prep for travel (end of Dec 2014 - January 1)
  • Weekend in Naples with three other families (January 1-4)
  • Wedding Prep Week in FortLauderdale/Weston (January 4-8)
  •  Wedding Ceremony and Reception(s) (January 9)
  • Goodbyes, time with friends/fam, prep for cruise (January 10)
  • Cruise Week (also known as - this is not your real life week) (January 11-18)
  • Wind down with friends and Paige and Graham in Sarasota (January 18-22)
  • Travel Home and all the things that happen when packing 500 pounds of luggage and five kids (January 23)

Part I - Traveling with kids

All marriages are different.  I know this.  (To be continued...)