Saturday, July 28, 2018

GIve thanks for your clear mind and sensible surroundings

Leaving to do an errand today looked like this:

Wake up. Toss clothing on. Get in truck to go to Maternity Center. Go pick up person that needs to be brought somewhere.  Pull out of Maternity Center driveway. Realize I don't have paperwork for the appointment.  Pull back in. Go grab paperwork.  Just kidding. Spend ten minutes trying to remember where paperwork is.  Sweat tons of balls while frantically searching for paperwork.  Find paperwork. Go to my truck with paperwork where person waits.  Pull out to leave again.  Look down, see that I have left with the only key to the ambulance because that was where paperwork was. Pull back in to put key back where it belongs inside the Maternity Center.  Go back to my truck. Pull out.  Realize I have all the money and the ambulance might need to leave while I am gone and might need some diesel.  Pull back in. Go back to get key to ambulance. Open it, put money for diesel in ash tray. Lock it. Go back to my truck. Open door to my truck and realize I have the damn key to ambulance in my hand again. Go put it back.  On fifth attempt to leave, we leave for real.  This is hormonal nonsense perimenopause brain fog.  It is so much bullshit.

I am now sitting in an office in Haiti where they think I should wait for their internet to be fixed in order to pay them.  I have been here two hours for the appointment and they never attempted to fix their internet in the two hours I actually needed to be here and was wanting to pay the bill.  Now that I need to leave here they think I should pay the large bill but they still don't have the internet to do it. They feel like my time is not valuable and I should just wait until whatever time it is that the internet starts working again. 

I don't agree.

If I go totally and completely insane, please know there is no mystery.  It happened because this place  (earth - and - haiti) is (was) working hard to make it happen.