Thursday, July 26, 2018

Retrieval Plan

I am so grateful to Paige.  She is a truth teller.  She is no poser.

Instead of telling me how easy it is to handle all the kids and their needs, she is telling me that she cannot keep all the things straight.  

She could easily be breezy about it and act cool. Instead she says that keeping each one and their needs straight is a lot and that if her brain, only 23 young years old, cannot remember it all ... CERTAINLY, I am doomed at my age while in the throes of perimenopause fog.

I love Paige for saying this.  There is nothing more gratifying to me than to hear that she thinks it is kind of a challenge.  

For now, Haiti is very calm. I cannot control when or if that changes.  I assume this relative calm will not be forever. I do miss my people so much. I need them back.

Perhaps when I was a young mom I did not know things about time.  I am not young now.  I know there are limited blink of the eye days and lightening speed years left with the home. 

I saw how fast the first two left and the time is closing in on the next group.  I have to have Lydia and Phoebe in my physical presence every day possible. 

All that to say ...

I am going to go retrieve the three youngest of these five children of mine in less than ten days and my life is getting better by the minute as the time to go get them draws nearer. 

My two boys holding Paige's two boys - Magical

We were face-timing with our kids in El Paso and Lydia told us how she "on purposely" ate lunch early so that when they went to Chipotle for dinner last night, she could eat an ENTIRE burrito because she would be so hungry by the time dinner rolled around. She reported (with disgust) that she could not eat a whole burrito -- and that it was a frustrating to her because it was a "waste of hunger".