Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Single Story

Yesterday I came here and dumped my summer stories of adventure and travel in the U S of A.

I forgot to add the specific joys of the waterpark. 

Paige had been gifted season passes for herself, her little boys, and my three teens. (Isn't that a great kindness?!?) 

Because going to the park only two times more than pays for the season pass, I bought Phoebe and Lydia season passes as well.  

The waterpark is a thing of wonder. I felt like it was the best place on earth because they were generally pretty chill about rules and regulations.  I have never been to a park where a kid was allowed to go down a slide on the lap of an adult.  When the little kids can't do anything with their parents it is the dumbest ever, but this water park was NOT the dumbest ever. They even allow people to bring in their own food and beverage. I like this but I also question this a bit, only because when you can bring in your own alcohol, what is to keep a moron from drinking so much they take the lazy river to new levels of lazy and just die in there from alcohol poisoning?  

Don't get me wrong though, the park closed at 6pm every night and they had many signs telling people to stop drinking their adult bevys at 5pm.  That hour to get your head on straight before you drive home is prreeeeetty important and the park is serious about that. 

"No drinking for an ENTIRE 60 minutes before you drive." - -  That's how much we care.  <GAH>!!!!

On the last day we were in El Paso we went to the water park (again).  We threw our lunch in a cooler.  The bag of ham was frozen solid.  We could not get it to thaw out fast enough so I went and set it on a table a few tables over from where we were sitting in order to get it in the sun.  

Everyone in my family knows everything about everything, which is awesome.  

So, one person that knows everything said, "You can't put that ham there!"  

Another person that knows everything said, "She's making it thaw out faster."  

A different one that knows everything said, "It's fine. WHO WOULD TAKE A RANDOM PERSON'S HAM????"

Who would take a random person's ham?

That's who.

If you are ever in El Paso, TX that water park is worth visiting. 

* * * 

The better (real) part of this blog is below ... I posted this on the day of the riots and want to share again.

Whenever Haiti heats up politically, people watching it unfold from far away are often led to believe Haiti and her people are generally dangerous and to be feared. I’m hoping you’ll hear me out. That is not the case. Generally and by and large the people of Haiti are not violent or unkind at all. I have seen hundreds of acts of generosity, sacrifice, and kindness in our time as the guests in Haiti. These events are not usually the average man or woman burning or looting things. (It is political powers and BIG money and other motives behind the curtain that drives the instability. There are people that need Haiti to stay poor and broken so they can stay rich and get richer.) The real Haiti is full of people that would take you into their home, feed you, shelter you, help you, while sacrificing their own bed and limited funds to do so. They’d do it everyday and even while their country burns around them.

This is what I beg you to read and watch today ...

"Show a people as one thing, as only one thing, over and over again, and that is what they become." — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie