Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Of Little Importance

(PG 13 warning - skip reading this to your 9 year old.)

  • Started painting. Lydia and Phoebe were so flipped out excited about two orange walls - who knew 2 and 3 year olds have decorating opinions?
  • This little boy cracked us up today when he appeared out of nowhere to show us his belly. Of course it was not a balloon but the always popular standby, a condom.
  • Simone Pele is right next door to Cite Soleil and has a similar feel. It was a tiny bit TIH in that the first 23 ladies in the door were not the ones we were hoping or planning to see. But over time many of the 30 we THOUGHT we would be seeing showed up. It kept things interesting.
  • One month post marathon, I had my best run of the last six months this morning. 8 miles, 78 minutes. For me, that is fast. Why can these good running days not appear on demand - when it matters? The only people to impress today were people who think I am mentally ill. Where is the fun in that? I want them to whisper to each other, "Hey, did you see how fast the white went by today? No? Well, it was because she was moving fast." Anyway, back to how awesome it was. I killed it. May it not wait six months to happen again. I guess this is what getting old does to a person.
  • I told a lady on her 9th pregnancy that 9 is good, she should have the baby then call it quits. "Apre sa, ou fini" - she nodded in wholehearted agreement. Those famous Dungger, Dookals, D- something people came to mind right after I said that. I wonder what Haitian women would think of that family and TV show? (I have never seen the show, it started after I moved. But the whole thing is fascinating and maybe a little bit creepy to me.)
  • An old man in the village we lived in for our first couple of years in Haiti once told us that November 21 is the date that the weather cools off. We've not forgotten his words and are looking forward to tropical paradise in just 17 days.
  • Troy is currently listening to Phil Collins. Why would he do that?