Friday, June 07, 2013

Children's Kreyol ABC Book & ASK ISAAC returns!

Watch this video for an important 9 second announcement!

Questions can be left at this post on "Ask Isaac" OR, for an even better chance of an answered question please email your question to Isaac at livesayfamily - Isaac will try to answer questions five days a week until at least mid July. The possibility exists that Isaac will succeed and his mother will fail, no guarantees being given.


Recent High School graduate, Paige, is excited to share her senior project with you all. Her parents are excited to promote a way that she can earn a little bit of college money.

The proceeds from this book will all be put to year one of college. In the interest of total transparency, the cost to Paige per book is $36. The reason the book has been priced at $50 is not because we love Shutterfly so much but because we hope Paige can make a little cold cash too.  (Shutterfly - you greedy beast!)

This children's ABC book in Kreyol features the beautiful scenery and people of Haiti.

By late-June we will have more information about how to order this book outside of Haiti. 

It is currently available at the ApParent Project store and at Haitian Creations, Tabarre store, located at Clercine 19, near the PAP airport. Write us for directions if you would like to stop in and shop on your way to or from the airport!

Directions from the major/nearby intersection to the Haitian Creations store:

When you come toward the airport you go to Carrefour (Intersection) Clercine. All drivers will know this intersection. At Carrefour Clercine you do not turn onto the road called KenzOktobe (the road that would take you to U.S. Embassy) --- you continue north on Clercine (going away from the airport) past the two story large DeliMart building and past the police station (blue/white building) on your right. Go about 1/2 mile and you will see a very large blue gate on the right that has the words "VILLAGE THEODAT" in yellow writing --- that is a land mark you want to watch for becuase after you pass the large blue gate into Village Theodat you will take the very next left. The road you are going left on is called "Clercine 19" and "Rue Sadrack" AND it has a "MiniFee Kindergarten" sign on it and it usually also has a "Haitian Creations" sign too. Go left on Clercine 19/Rue Sadrack - you will see Haitian Creations on your right (sign outside on cement wall) before the road forces you to turn left. It is a dark green gate.