Thursday, June 13, 2013

Contradiction: Part Deux

Here we all are...
Witnessing despair and delight 
Tragedy and triumph
Here we all are...
Living an incongruent and uncomfortable 
Beautiful and horrible contradictory life
Sorrowful yet rejoicing 

I wrote those words a month ago while thinking about a young woman named 'Miker'.  She is cognitively delayed, presenting in maturity very similar to that of a six or seven year old.  She is a mother now, thanks to the tragic and mind-numbing unfairness of this world. She didn't decide to have a baby.  It was decided for her. 
We have come to understand that Mikerlange's mother, the hardest working person you could ever hope to meet, thinks that she can be the agent to protect, preserve, and propel the life of this new baby into the future.  Two weeks ago the baby got sick, was hospitalized, released, and is now slowly gaining weight again. Sweet Miker cannot respond to most questions she is asked, needs continual monitoring and direction, and sometimes says "My baby is ugly".  How grievous to know these word have most certainly been spoken over her in the past; she repeats them with ease, as if she were a parrot.  When Grandma was told about adoption and the possibility of it, she adamantly said, "No. Not interested."  And that is Grandma's right.  We believe this. Please pray for Grandma, Miker, and baby RoseLove. 
Sorrowful yet rejoicing.

I have written about Joanne in the past.  Our hearts are enmeshed. She is our sister.  I look at her; I see my Phoebe. Joanne was the first born to their mother.  Phoebe was the last born. Joanne is strong. Stoic. Reserved. Shy.  This year has not been kind to her. She has faced personal and difficult health issues. She has persevered.  Her bravery inspires us. Reassures us too.
Today she came to share a difficult story. Her husband went to work. He came home. He needed to go do an errand. He bathed, got dressed and left to go to Croix de Boquets, a nearby town.  He never returned.  That was June third.  Joanne checked the morgues. She looked around at the faces in the beds at the General Hospital. "Do you think he is dead or alive?", we asked.  "I think he is dead." Joanne answered.  When she first shared the news of her pregnancy with me she said, "I am married now. We moved out of Cite SoleyThis man is gentle with me. He wants this baby. This is the chance for me to start over."  Pray for Joanne. 
Sorrowful yet rejoicing. 

1-Miker, her mother, & daughter
2-Joanne and Tara on May 23rd, 2013 
3-Sitting together on a prenatal day earlier this year