Monday, June 10, 2013

cue sad and tragic (horn) music

From last night:

Noah said, "I don't want you to die. But when you do I am gonna pay for your buryage. Some people will play some horns; very sad and tragic music ... And then, some people will throw some flowers. Then probably Isaac will say a speech and we'll pray and dig the hole."
~             ~             ~  

Isaac is 2 replies into his question answering, catch up with him here.
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The kids are off to week two of summer-school. So far the report is that summer school is easier in every way except for the way that they are still required to do math. Additionally, Noah has mentioned enough times that he DOES NOT have a crush on Chelsea, that we are all crystal clear on the fact that- he does have a crush on Chelsea. They are going to the school building three days a week, staying home and working from home the other two days.
~           ~             ~

Tina and Whitney are here until Friday. We're hoping some of the 8 babies (supposedly) due in the month of June will let us see their faces.
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Today while five children are 3 miles away I plan to enter dangerous corners of their closets and get rid of truck loads of their crap. I need to figure out if anyone has jeans long enough to cover their shin bones to wear to travel in late July. No Pokemon or pile of random trash treasure or haggard looking Barbie doll is safe for the next two hours. 
~            ~            ~ 

Troy is celebrating 38 years of hanging out on this earth tomorrow. He planned ahead and stopped shaving a month ago to arrive at his first ever facial hair success in time for the birthday. The commentary surrounding said facial hair has been entertaining and insulting. Sadly, we have recently learned that insults only spur Troy onto new and even more evil mustachio goals and plans.