Wednesday, June 19, 2013

things a mid-husband in haiti says ...

"Wow. Long labor. Is she a G1?"

"What is the dilation situation?"

"Think you'll have to transport? Want me to come drive?"

"Want me to take you to do the post-partum check?"

"Think you'll sleep at home tonight?"

"Go to bed. PLEASE, go to bed. You are crazy-irrational-tired."

"Are the contractions getting "cho" (hot) yet?"

"Want to watch Call the Midwife tonight?" & "Do you know when Season 2 is available?"

Troy has always loved pregnant ladies. 
Not in a creepy way, just in a sweet and fascinated-by-their-amazing-feats-of-bravery sort of way.  

After the earthquake he was known to bring pregnant ladies to Beth to plead their case. We had to put a stop to that. It is great that he is SO for us in this work because sometimes this work can mean he is required to single-parent for hours and days on end. I'm grateful to have his backing because often it feels like too much to figure out and juggle with a big family. His steady voice assuring me that he has no problem with being there for the kids and no problem with my unpredictable schedule (and behavior) really helps. I guess I am trying to say that I love my husband for being the first and main reason I am able to love on the inspirational women of Haiti. He is a good man. 

(Thank you, Troy. You are the best midhusband ever ever ever.)