Saturday, November 30, 2013

celebrations & thanksgiving

Happy Birthday PAIGE!
Congrats BRITT!
We're celebrating Thanksgiving along with the birth of one Paige Noelle. She entered the scene 19 years ago this morning, in Minnesota. Our lives are all the richer for it.

We are also celebrating Britt's acceptance into a really great PA (Physician's Assistant) program. I am pretty thrilled that my old-age health care plan will involve my kid coming to do personal house calls and fix everything free of charge. She is learning of my plan with you.

Adult children  ...  Such and odd thing. We're wondering if it ever feels normal?  Two grown up kids living in their own spots all awesome and responsible. I wish they would teach us how it is done.

We have much to be grateful for, and on that list are those of you that stop here to read and comment and encourage and wrestle with the tough stuff with us. 

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you, and our prayers for a beautiful Advent Season. 

T & T & Tribe

Link: Yesterday we answered two questions at Matt Hansen's blog, find it here. 

We are working on this year's (7th annual) Christmas extravaganza. 
Until the task is complete, here are a few years of history ...

First ever Extravaganza ...

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 2009 (Third annual)
 ... the add-on to 2009 to give the wise women their due