Tuesday, April 01, 2014

for love, for maternal health, for haiti ...

As a distance runner, I recall exactly how moronic I thought distance runners were PRIOR to becoming one. There are varying levels of insanity and some folks stop at pushing themselves to 26.2 mile routes, while others do "ultra" marathons and make the marathoners look like itty bitty cry-babies.

I never plan to run further than 26.2 miles. That sort of stuff is left to those that desperately dislike themselves OR have a cause greater than themselves.  

This video is about a guy that had a cause greater than himself. It probably shouldn't be watched at work. Employment is good and I want you to keep yours. Please come back and watch it once you are home. 

This is the story of an Australian man that lost his first child at birth. This is the story of a man that decided to do something much bigger than himself in order to raise awareness of the need for Maternal health care in Haiti. This is the story of a man that would like to see Heartline Maternity Center expand its capacity to serve pregnant women. This is the story of endurance, perseverance, and pain. This is the story of healing. This is the story of love.