Sunday, July 12, 2015


These two Moms arrived to deliver their babies a few hours apart earlier this week. 

On the left is first time Mom, Juna.  She gave birth to her seven pound ten ounce baby boy Tuesday night.  Just as we gathered our belongings and were headed toward the nearest bed to grab some sleep, Gania walked in.  

Only fourteen minutes after arriving Gania gave birth to her third child, a seven pound ten ounce baby girl.  The two little ones born less than four hours apart, both went home yesterday.

Right after I took the top picture, both Moms looked up at the camera for the photo...

As I climbed back into the ambulance to go, an old woman walked up and said, "I am coming to your house to have my baby."  I smiled at her and said, "Okay, good plan, come find us when you tonbe ansent (fall pregnant)!"  

She howled laughing, at her own joke. 

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