Monday, September 07, 2015

honoring J & R & I on september seven

a couple of years ago we sat with isaac's first family visiting and asking questions about the beginning of his life.  on that day isaac's mom and maternal grandmother enthusiastically told him that he was born on the 7th of september, 2001.

up until that day we had been given september 11 and 18 as his possible dates of birth (differing dates on adoption paperwork). 

adoption is complicated. you have heard me say that a hundred dozen times. for his first family, there is loss and i don't imagine the sting of that *ever* goes away. 

for isaac, i am guessing most of the processing work lies ahead. one new piece of his story was brought into the light when he was given the chance to celebrate his correct birthday. 

while is his passport and everything official reads septmber 18, we learned from isaac that this date his mother and grandmother confirm as the day he was born in wharf jeremie on the cement floor of his small home, is the date that matters to him.  

we are celebrating today, on the correct date, for the second time.

watching isaac grown into his new 5'9" frame, and the distinct change in his voice this year has been quite something. He is still so filled with child-like wonder and joy ... his emotional development lags behind the physical - and none of us want to rush him.  

thankfully, his sheltered little home-school situation with a teacher and classmates that love all his wonderful peculiarities means that nobody is picking on him for being perfectly innocent and in utter awe of all of God's creation.  (teasing on occasion, yes. picking-on him, no.)

today and everyday we are so grateful that isaac's mom carried him, gave him life, still loves him, and knows him. thank you, J, for the gift you have given this world. we remember you today. we have also learned that much of isaac's joyful demeanor and carefree approach to life comes from his dad. R, we celebrate the beautiful qualities you gave your son today. we are all blessed everyday because of those things you passed on to isaac.

Happy 14th Birthday, Isaac. We hope you never lose your enthusiasm for life, your joy and wonder, your love of peace and harmony. 
The world needs you, buddy.
We need you.
xoxo - mom&dad and mom&dad