Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Prepare Your Heart

In our circles we hear terms like, "donor fatigue" and "compassion fatigue". 

Living in Haiti we often encounter terrible situations that take our breath away, and cause moments of, "NO! How can this be true?" 

Fatigue is a thing of course.  It is something to be cognizantly aware of while working and living in this difficult and oftentimes dark world. 

The thoughts and struggle I have with fatigue is this: I am the one who is privileged enough to have the CHOICE of being fatigued.  

If I am sick of seeing the way patients are treated, or the way a husband repeatedly beats or cheats on his wife without remorse or consequence, or the unfathomable living conditions of several thousands .... How much more sick of it or "fatigued" must they be?  

The least I can do is try to keep seeing it and trying my best not to look away or give up on love. 

It is important for all of us that live easier, simpler, calmer lives to keep prepared ahead of time through faith, prayer, mercy, love, and forgiveness so that we can keep our hearts open when hell happens.  Thanks to Richard Rohr for so beautifully stating what is required to have a prepared heart.