Friday, May 26, 2017

Geeking Out with the Statistics Geeks

I am fairly sure 54% of all statistics are made up 75% of the time.  
Even so, I bring you a few recent Heartline Maternity Center stats. These stats are not made up, but I don't expect you to blindly take my word for it.  Photos hopefully help provide proof.  Here are some free of charge statistics.

As of the beginning of this week we had 72 pregnant women in our Prenatal program.  Since Monday five have delivered.   

Sophia started the week off with a baby girl on Monday.
On Tuesday we had our Post-Partum Moms and Babies class.
On Wednesday something changed in the atmosphere and the uteruses started warming up.
On Thursday morning we had one early morning transport. Then we had PreNatal Class and Prenatal Consults.

In the last 24 hours - 4 baby boys were born in this program.  

Of the last four births, C/S rate was 25%. 
(One C/S after a transport due to position of baby and three deliveries at Hearline M.C.)

Of the four baby boys, three of them were the first baby born to their Mommas.  One was the 8th child to a 40 year old Mom. 

One of the four Mothers came at 37 weeks with severe pre-eclampsia with all the necessary management required.  She'll be monitored non-stop for 24 hours or more.  She arrived yesterday with a slightly elevated BP, before long she was very very sick and an induction began. She was the second delivery of the four babies.

Timeline Thursday early Morning to Friday early Morning:
Marie Elda -Transport at 4am - C/S at 12:30pm
Junette - Induction at 4pm - Baby at 11:30pm
Nerlande - Baby at 5am Friday
Sarah S - Baby at 5:25am Friday

This is the first time we have ever had four babies in the same 24 hour period.  Three was the previous record. 

Names of babies in order of birth: Angelina, still unnamed, David, still unnamed, Kervenson

Total number of babies that have died this month or year - 0
Total number of moms that have died this month or year - 0 

Grateful for the prayers and support you all give --- and thanking God for these stats and His protection over this place and these women.