Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Music

Our friend, fellow adoptive parent from Haiti, and talented musician Aaron Ivey has recently released a new album. It includes fresh renditions of beautiful hymns, stirring corporate worship songs, and some beautiful reflections on adoption and missions.


I bought mine before he offered to give me one if I put this on the blog, so it's a legit recommendation. ;) If you would like to preview a sample of his amazing musical stylings live at the Livesay house, click here. Seriously though, it's a great album.


The new full-length album centers around God’s faithfulness and beauty, and the church's response to injustice, poverty, and orphans. The 10 song album reflects a heart for the Kingdom of God here and now, between the beauty and the chaos.

With the current release of “between the beauty & chaos,” Aaron and bandmates explore the reality of living in a world that contains both beauty and chaos. Released in June of 2009, the new full-length album contains songs centered around God’s faithfulness and beauty, as well as songs dealing with justice, poverty, and adoption. Songs like “Pieces” and “Amos Story” have surfaced through Aaron’s experience with adopting two children from Haiti (Amos and Story). Other songs, such as “Let Your Kingdom Come” and “The Name” have been an extension of the band’s ministry inside the local church. Since late 2008, Aaron has served as one of the worship leaders at The Austin Stone in Austin, Texas.