Saturday, July 18, 2009


The week that was - it is no more - thank-you Lord.

  • our fixed car started to break again - thanks to Ken for helping re-fix it
  • the generator broke - not just a little - a lot - now fixed
  • edh left for 56 hours straight - that was not nice
  • we snapped at each other here and there and there and here
  • phoebe broke the new water cooler (we just replaced the old broken one after a year of thinking about it) well - no, she broke the cold side - we can still have hot water to drink whenever we need to warm up - for cold you have to go to John and Beth's house
  • lydie threw more valuable items into the toilet - that's just what she does
  • bought curriculum then found out we were scammed - very long and creepy story - they hung up on troy when he asked why he had to pay shipping on books that never shipped ... it is all in the fine print of course
  • ran 12 miles in 70% humidity - rocked it. Ran the last mile only twenty seconds slower than the first mile
  • saw a major drama unfold with a new baby, an abusive dad, and a mom who needs a lot of help - think things are on the upswing finally - for now she resides at Heartline
  • brought four new prego ladies into the pre-natal program - all less then 15 weeks pregnant so we have time to get them healthy before they deliver :)
  • had a mom tell Beth her plan is to abandon her baby at General Hospital when it is born (we'll be working on that with her -- BAD plan)
  • troy went round and round with our least favorite scam-artist trying to get things out of him that are long over-due - futile, frustrating, and foolish
  • brought 6 ladies for lab work - only to find the lab closed :(
  • one of our HIV ladies was incredibly sad this week - the sad that permeates a room - she has chickenpox and is pregnant and is living with the HIV secret - i wish we could fix it for her :(
  • got scammed/cheated at the gas pump - got to see troy very mad which is always a treat
  • changed shirts over and over and over night and day - i challenge any one of you to a sweating contest - i will crush you with my superior sweating skills
Huge boost to the Mamba Funding ... THANK YOU to the 13 that gave in the last 48 hours. Have a great weekend. Show them the money. Merci Anpil !