Friday, February 26, 2010

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Coming home felt so good yesterday. Hugging Jeronne felt so good. I brought video of the kids that she loved watching. Seeing the work and healing happening at the hospital feels so good. Being with my good friends Jen and Beth feels really GREAT.

The mosquitoes, roosters, and lack of power at 4am all reminded me I was not in TX anymore. :)

Today I don't feel incredibly able to share any detailed stories. I am unfocused. I have someone that is doing a story for a news network coming to talk to me about adoption and all the disagreement and issues. They will be here in 15 minutes and I need to make myself look and smell better before they get here. I am hoping to get a chance to explain that the issue of international adoption is multi-faceted and not all good or all bad. I am hoping to point out how seeing it as all good or all bad really can hurt children.

I transported patients around most of the day. There is something about puking in the truck that I am driving ... Jen always gives me the pukers. At one point today I had two pukers in one truck at one time. One guy was so sick we wondered if he might die during transport ... he made it to Miami/Medishare Field hospital (needed oxygen the whole ride which meant having a giant tank because that is the only size tank we have) and will hopefully get some help. The poor guy is 30 and is really ill. It does not seem to be earthquake related. When I was not doing transports I was getting caught up on Women's Program stuff and sterilizing instruments. It was a busy but really good day.

Gotta go-

Troy - I love you. You're the Dad-Bomb-Diddly. Kiss some rowdy kids for me.