Sunday, February 21, 2010

Power Corrupts

Read this post. (Please).

Americans with permission to leave Haiti from Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive AND from the U.S. Embassy ran into trouble as they tried to exit the airport. There were a few loud people who believed the kids were being taken (thanks for that, red-haired lady from Idaho) illegally and they (falsely) accused them.

The security at the airport did not allow the story to be told or evidence to be seen, they reacted and they removed kids from the care of LEGAL guardians to a unicef camp. The guardians were not allowed to stay and calm the kids. The unicef camp would not allow them inside.

I am so sad to have learned (as a result of the earthquake) that most everything in the world is based on money and power. I guess I was a total ignoramus prior to January 12th.

In the last month I have seen such politics and power plays that I feel sick thinking about it.

  • I don't believe media (any of them) reports freely. I believe they answer to someone. I believe governments place pressure on media to not run certain stories and I have seen evidence of such.
  • I believe that governments are in incestuous relationships with large NGOs and I believe they get so caught up pandering to one another and playing games that they allow people to suffer in the process.
  • I believe that many people employed by government agencies in the USA and other countries are afraid to do what is right because their government is too busy doing what is politically prudent and diplomatic. They want to stay employed, therefore they are too fearful to rise above the political bull$%&. (And I understand wanting to stay employed. But it still stinks.)
  • I believe that unicef, as an organization, is currently on one of the most obnoxious power trips of all time. I believe that they should have to answer to someone for this abuse of power.
I don't expect people in power to do the right thing. I have grown incredibly cynical. God and God alone can fix this. Men will continue to do whatever serves their own interests. The pursuit of money and power trumps all in this day and age.

Please pray for the six children stuck in a unicef camp. They were torn away from their caregivers and they have families. Please also pray for God's Littlest Angels Orphanage, which has been operating in Haiti for more than 10 years. Pray for political agendas and desire for power and money to be laid down --- and for the love of God to shine through this particular man-made disaster.