Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This is Hope - This is Love

  • Counseling started today. We are doing a specialized counseling for trauma called EMDR. It was kind of wacky but we trust the process and will participate without reserve. We think it will be helpful, but we'll sort of mock it and have fun laughing at how odd it is - which will help make the 80 minute drive seem shorter. Strange, strange stuff - I'll tell you that.
  • One of our kids is really starting to be hit with grief. I don't want to tell all the internet world every thing, but please pray for our kids. (And I know you are - thank you.) Maybe you'll even know which one to pray for. Tonight was really the first night of talking through and feeling some major grief and we sure wish we could make it go away. It is so hard to watch our kids hurt and feel crazy. But unfortunately - the only way through it ... is through it. :( It sucks.
  • Collette and her baby Esther (the 1st baby born on the Comfort Ship) - our miracle Mom and baby are back at Heartline. See the stunning Mom and Baby with Dr. Jen and Beth today :) God is good. This is hope. This is love.
What will baby Esther's Haiti look like?

May it be a Haiti that offers her the love of Christ, the gift of education, the benefit of medicine and the protection and comfort of a caring family.