Monday, February 08, 2010

Small NGOs

This issue of Time and this article "Out of the Ruins" was on the news stands when we got to Florida on Thursday. This quote from the article written by James Nachtwey stood out to us ...

"The earth shrugged, Haiti collapsed, and the world responded. "Compassion fatigue" was exposed as the straw man of cynics and ad salesmen. Epic catastrophe was met with epic generosity, without benefit of untapped oil reserves or geopolitical gain. The U.N. is here in force, but the real united nations are the small NGOs from every corner of the planet that just showed up, flying by the seat of their pants. String their acronyms side by side, and they'd go halfway around the equator. Recite them, and you'd be speaking in tongues."

"The Haitians are not just sitting back with their hands out. They're doing a lot of the heavy lifting — so humble in its nature, it seems invisible. Massive international relief supplies are transported by cargo ships, helicopters and C-130s. Haitians carry what they need on their heads. They dig survivors out of the wreckage by hand, not with big yellow machines. Everyone is doing what he or she can by whatever means available."


If you are asking to use Troy's photos we have not had time to dig out high-resolution copies but we appreciate that you've asked permission ... will try to get to you this week with the photo you've requested.

Special thank-yous to two amazing elementary schools in Motley, MN and Oxford, NE - they raised money for Heartline Ministries and are sharing their love and their $ at a young age. Kids all over the USA are doing special fundraisers for Haiti. We're touched and blessed and we thank you!
Until later,