Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Attn: Middle Texans

EDIT - Bag found a ride. Thank you!
If I am calling the center part of your great state by a disrespectful name, I apologize. I am aware of your  state pride and I hope I got it right.

We are in looking for a person that might be traveling from Austin to Waco between this very moment and 5pm on Friday.

There is one 50 pound bag of supplies for the Heartline sewing program that is needed in Haiti. It was left behind by a traveler due to issues at the airport yesterday.  We are unable to get to Austin and back without losing what is left of our minds.

Any of you Austinites headed north soon? We can have the bag brought to you in Austin if you will meet us in Waco before we bail out on Friday afternoon.

Please contact us if you are!

T. & T.

Twitter: troylivesay
Email: tl7inhaiti@yahoo.com

P.S. Isaac and Hope addressed prayer-cards and sent them  ... still have a few left but you should see ginormous handwriting in your mail box soon. Thanks!