Thursday, December 30, 2010

this Circus is hitting the road again ...

Most of the kids were awake to say Thank-You!

We don't know if there is such a thing as to thank an entire state ...  but we're going to anyway.  It's a thing now.

T H A N K  Y O U  T E X A S!!!

Huge Thanks specifically to:

Columbus Avenue Baptist Church - for housing so many lards.  AMAZING.  Thank you.

Church Under the Bridge - for acting as our "home" church away from "home".  Loving the world's "freaks" is your specialty - very lucky for us.

Paige says "thanks"
Crossroads Fellowship - for welcoming our kids into your family/youth group. They will never forget the fun they had.

Harris Creek Baptist Church - for hosting Lydia (sometimes) and Phoebe at Mother's Day Out. Phoebe so enjoyed it and Lydia is clearly not aware of how awesome you are -  but we are.

The teachers and staff at Rapoport Academy - for blessing our children with your love for them and interest in them.

The YMCA for allowing us to use your facilities. ~ UBC for the gift that covered tutoring for the kids when we got here.

Britt and Chris - for preparing the way for us, for helping us figure out Waco's Bermuda triangle and for sharing your lives and your car.

Kim Jackson and Regina White for fabulous babysitting help.

And last but not least ....

The Dorrells, Iveys, Norvells, Kings, Bushes, Ingrams, Ellises, Seays & Moers -  for being a solid support system to us in Texas.  Silly to think we came to TX thinking we didn't know anyone. Thanks for listening, understanding, showing up, and just being so much fun. Lastly, thanks for introducing us to Chuy's - we will clearly never ever be the same again.

Lydia says "thanks"
Our gratitude is not only extended to Texans. We are touched by the love we've been shown this year. There were so many times that we felt frustrated and guilty and hated not "doing".  It was maddening wanting to be in Haiti working but unable to make the adoption paperwork process move faster.  We found ourselves wondering why our support-team was sticking with us when we weren't doing what they support us to do. Being on the receiving end of so much grace made us squirmy and uncomfortable- but it also showed us Jesus. Thank you to all of you that supported and walked with us patiently during the time of waiting.

A former MK (missionary kid) wrote this note to us earlier this year: 

"When I was a little girl growing up in Haiti, I remember feeling bad that I had so much food to eat or toys to play with when my Haitian friends didn't have much or anything.  When in America, people felt sorry for us "missionary kids" because next to them we were "poor". 
They didn't know how rich we were. But I did."

Like Lyndsey we are acutely aware of how rich we are. It's not been a life wrapped up tight or packaged beautifully. It's messy and discombobulated, but it is full of blessing and beauty and joy even in the midst of sorrow and challenge.  Truthfully, it is made so much more beautiful because of you.

Thank you to each and every one!

We're hitting the road! 

Next cities on the tour:

Ft. Lauderdale
Port au Prince

HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ We'll find you from Port au Prince once we get there.
One tight connection must be conquered... hoping we can make it. 
Mil Mesi ~ Many Thanks
T& T & Tribe