Thursday, December 09, 2010

nou la

We're here. We're watching the place we love fall into further chaos. We're sad. We're hopeful. And we're praying. 

Thanks for praying with us.

As we told the Waco paper yesterday, we understand the frustration of the Haitian people. They have no voice and democracy has not been achieved.  Rioting is hard to see ... but from a more empathic point of view .... we're all watching millions of people that went through incredible, unimaginable trauma. They did not get to bury their loved ones. They had no counseling. They have had very little time to grieve because one crisis after the next does not allow for that. They've lived in mostly inhumane conditions for close to a year. Cholera is now moving all throughout the country and killing people daily. This election appears to be corrupt. 

Truthfully, the earthquake alone was enough to create an entire city of of PTSD.  Without hope in a fair election process and a brighter future, this was bound to boil over.
Every human has a breaking point. I am afraid we may have found theirs.

The vast majority of Haitian people are not violent or involved in rioting and are scared right now.

I only know to pray.

My favorite blog for photos and updates is here. Check it out from time to time for updates on the unrest. Pray for peace and for justice.

We are moving forward with our plans to go home after Christmas. We're praying that will be possible.

More when time allows,

T & T