Thursday, May 19, 2011

moving day is coming ...

A few weeks ago we shared a little bit about the beautiful and complicated relationship with our kids' first families. They, and thousands more have been living under blue tarps and woven banana leaves for 16 months now.

The same people I wrote about here are also pictured here in this post from last year in their tent.

It strikes me again how ridiculously small my problems are.  We get grouchy when we go without city power for a few days. At any time we can start a generator and charge batteries and pump water with that power we can create if we choose. We never have muddy water running through our house from a hard rain.

We have first world problems, even in the third world.  We're inconvenienced. Wah. Big deal.  We think like whiny babies and we literally have no.idea. what a real problem is.

There are countless families that have survived well over a year without EVER having electricity in their houses. They've spent multiple nights in the pitch dark soaked in rain, waiting for daylight to sort through their muddy belongings.

This is such a small thing in the ocean of need, but in a short time five families will tear down the sticks and tarps and move to dry land, to new shelter.  The shelter is simple, but for them it will be a giant step up.

We're waiting on the well for the five houses to be completed. Once there is water and that is finished the five families will all move out of their tents.

Moving day is coming soon!

Please be praying for the displaced people of Port au Prince.