Tuesday, May 24, 2011

pale Angle & pale Kreyol

Counter clockwise: Faby, Isaac, Ernege, Geronne, Sergine, Fedline, Joanne w/ Ricardo

 See the little dude seated at the table of girls?
 See his focus and determination?
 See his view of strong, smart, growing women?

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday the Harbor House moms are blessed with the gift of beautiful 'Faby'.  She is the young woman on the right side of the top photo in the brown. She has become a respected friend of the young women at Harbor House and works with them doing a Bible Study/Devotional time and helping them with their school work. After lunch they have a short (90 minute) English class in the afternoons.

The English class is optional.  Their other classes are not optional.  We don't believe the girls need to learn English.  We believe WE need to learn more Kreyol.  However, the girls all love this class and truly want to learn some English.  Leoni is the only one who doesn't come too often, but she is also in another difficult literacy class every weekday morning and comes home tired out and ready for a nap.

Geronne (she lives/works with our family) attends the English class too. It is very inspiring to see her reading and writing two languages when you consider she just learned to read and write Kreyol at age 36 in Heartline's literacy program in early 2009. Prior to that she believed she had been cursed since the fourth grade. She thought she was unable to learn. It has been positive to have Geronne interacting with the teen moms. We want as many solid older women around them as possible. She is a good friend to them; they all seem to look up to her.
Joanne and Fedline with Michlanda

It is so fun to sit in on this class. Listening to everyone working on pronunciation is adorable.  Yesterday they worked on introducing themselves and others.

Sergline is probably picking it up the fastest.  Last week when she was braiding Hope's hair she leaned down to Hope and said slowly and clearly, "You . can . trust. me."  Cutest thing ev-ah!

It is very easy for us to learn Kreyol vocab while the gals are learning English.  I wasn't sure Isaac would go for it but I convinced him to try it with me.

Within ten minutes he was begging to come every M-W-F and so excited to be learning and practicing.  The girls all encourage him when he gets it right, it is very cute to watch.

This fantabulous Haitian boy might just learn his native tongue yet!

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