Tuesday, May 10, 2011

reviewing monday in photos

Kids with McGuire - the largest of the McHoul Mastiffs
With Annie and the pups

Britt, Tara, Gwenn, Nia, Beth, Jen

Monday Troy worked all day while the rest of us played. Life is rarely fair but sometimes the unfair benefits us (the kids and I) and lands on someone else (Troy). Yesterday most of his family larded out and had fun while he worked.  Thankfully he didn't care about missing our fun, he was much more obsessed with getting some things fixed over at the Harbor House. 

Britt and I worked out together, went to visit the fabulous Mangines over at Beth's house, and introduced the kids to the six puppies. (photos above) We came home and chatted with Jen and got caught up on the latest.

We fed the fab five some dinner and got them settled into bed and went out for a late date night with Britt, Paige, and Jen.  (photos below) Troy finds himself hanging out with all women frequently. Whether it is at the Harbor House or at home it is usually 'Troy and his ladies'.  His life is so very difficult that way. ;)

Troy and his ladies

Not to be forgotten ...
This groovy couple celebrated 41 years of marriage yesterday!  Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom!!

Today it is so humid it feels like someone has laid a steaming hot rag across our faces, and is now pushing the rag down our throats. We're off to early childhood development soon. Later we have an airport run to help some friends of ours that are new missionaries to Ferrier, Haiti - we will get them from the big airport to the little airport and hopefully be able to encourage and send them off with prayers.

Today is Britt's last day in Haiti :( so we're hoping the choking humidity also slows down the clock somehow.