Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 Christmas Extravaganza!

"God Sent His Son and Now You Know"

- lyrics by Troy Livesay -

This here's a tale for you ladies and fellas - Tryin to do what our culture tells us
Go out and shop like you're super zealous - But don't forget our God is jealous
Ok smartie go to a party - It's Christmas time have you been nice or naughty?
Have we forgotten the reason for the season? - It's about our God, not time for self-pleasin
Next day's function, turkey luncheon - Will you thank God for this food you're munchin? - People in the world never have that chance - So don't eat so much you nearly split your pants
This world is needin, hearts are bleedin - We need help to solve this pain we're feelin - When you have a chance don't forget to tell - God sent His Son - Emmanuel
our recording artists at varying stages of confusion and acceptance

Ooooh Yeah, Ooooh Yeah, Mmmm, Yeah, Oh, Yeah (Emmanuel)
We need Him, God sent Him - We need Him, Our God sent Him (Emmanuel)
You're on a mission and you're wishin someone could cure this sinful condition
Lookin for joy in all the wrong places - All these toys but still sad faces?
From frustration, first inclination is to forget God in your situation
But every dark tunnel has a lighter hope, don't give up on Him - He can help you cope
Don't be bummin, sad song hummin - God hears your cries and your Savior's com in...He made a way so many years ago - He sent His Son - and now you know
We need Him, God sent Him - We need Him, Our God sent Him (Emmanuel)
Country or city, things ain't pretty - Sin abounds, we're dirty and gritty
But God sees clear, He came down here - Thank Him for that this time of year
Thank Him for that this time of year. He sent His son and now you know.

(C) 2011 Troy Livesay All Rights Reserved

super-stars don't walk
If you are 29 to 49 years old we're guessing you know this tune and some of the original lyrics  ...  If not - we apologize for being deeply embedded in our Generation X sub-culture. We don't leave comments open on YouTube because we fear those YouTube people and their nastiness. We close our ears to mean.   

When I told Troy the singular idea I had that was different enough from years past was to try to do some sort of rap, he asked what the rap was supposed to be about?  We decided the rap should be about how easy it is to get sucked into a certain way of celebrating Christmas. With advertising and culture pulling our hearts one direction, we're all susceptible to forgetting the point or making it all about gifts and food and shopping rather than gratitude and a focus on THE GIFT we already received. (He made a way so many years ago. Thank Him for that this time of year.)  

This Christmas we're anxious and blessed to be able to celebrate with our second family and those we love here in Haiti. We'll also celebrate in mind and spirit with those we miss and love that are so far away. Whether you're separated from those you love this year, or surrounded by family, we will pray that you'll experience unusual peace and undeniable grace in the coming weeks.

Our family would like to take this opportunity to thank you for following along and especially thank so many of you that have de-lurked and said hello or offered prayers and encouragement over the past year.  We wish you and yours a blessed holiday season and a New Year filled with joy and peace in your hearts and homes.

We're  thankful that the Christmas story is so much more than a story. We're grateful that the birth of Jesus was the beginning of the end of sin and suffering.  We have hope because ...

God hears our cries and our Savior is comin'
He made a way so many years ago
He sent His Son
And Now We Know
We need Him, God sent Him
We need Him, Our God sent Him