Tuesday, December 27, 2011

road trip!

We're about to take off on our first ever family road-trip across the beautiful and mountainous island of Hispaniola.

We went to the D.R. as a family one other time in 2007 but used a very scary little airplane to get there.  This time around we're using our trusty old Hyundai truck and hoping for favor at the border. The paperwork to take a car across reminded us a little bit of the adoption process.  (Do this -go here - come up with this document that no one in the world would ever actually have - stand up - sit down - fight fight fight!)

The kids have been looking forward to this since we decided in the fall that we would be meeting Britt and Chris in the Dominican Republic to ring in the new year.

Here's to:  papers that are in order, tires that stay inflated, radiators that don't overheat, a miracle gifting of Spanish fluency for someone in the family, kids that don't whine, well-timed potty stops, and lots of family time on the beach!