Tuesday, December 20, 2011

compiling statistics, loving women, thanking God

As the last day of the year is quickly approaching, today I looked through the 70 files from 2011 that had been placed into the section of the drawer indicating that the woman was no longer pregnant. There are always 30 to 35 women pregnant that are in the Prenatal Program at any given time.  In 2011 70 women completed a pregnancy (one way or another) within our program.

As I shared the findings with Beth and marveled at what I was seeing I said, "Thank you so much for your courage and your vision for this program. We're seeing that our stats are nothing like the Haiti stats."

I loved Beth's reply.  She said, "It is God. All we do is agree to live here." Isn't that the truth?  Thank you Lord.

Outside of the obvious goal of helping the women have healthy pregnancies, healthy babies, and safe deliveries, we also always hope to build relationship.  Every woman is known by name.  We get to know many of the women very well.  Some allow us to know them more than others.

The statistics below share some of the numbers ... but the individual names and the unique stories and faces are what matter the most.  We're grateful to know these women. We're blessed to be given the gift and opportunity to walk with them through these important months of their lives.

As we look ahead to 2012 we humbly ask for your continued prayers.  The recent grant award from Giving of Life will be set aside for the beginning of the new maternity center building.  The timing of all of that and the on-going need for funding for that project is in being trusted to God.

From January 1 to December 20, 2011:

  • 70 finished their time in the Prenatal Program  
  • 28 of the 70 were  pregnant for the first time in their life
  • 2 of 70 ended in miscarriage prior to 16 wks
  • 2 of 70 ended in fetal demise later than 28 wks  
  • On six occasions there was more than one baby born in one day 
  • There were 66 births of living babies  31 Male & 35 Female 
  • 4 of the 66 gave birth at their home (by choice or accident)  
  • 16 of the 66 required a Caesarean Section 
  • Heartline provided transport  for 14 of 16 C/S (thanks for the ambulance!)
Reasons for C/S in order of prevalence: 
Preeclampsia/Eclampsia (7)
Failure to progress/Prolonged labor (6)
Prior C/S (2)
Other (1)
  •  2  of the 66 had vaginal births @ hospital due to complications
  • Heartline Ministries Maternity Center delivered 44 babies   
  • Of 44 deliveries, more than half suffered from what could have been life-threatening complications had they delivered without care and postpartum care
  • One baby born alive in 2011 died (born premature, born to young mom at hospital - baby died at hospital within days)    
  •  Heartline provided postpartum care and weekly early childhood development classes for 66 women/babies 
    •  Innumerable (and invaluable) prayers from around the world were offered 
    • ZERO mothers were lost 
    •  One Great & Gracious God sustained and provided ~ We give Him all the glory and thanks

    Photos courtesy of Jonna Howard