Monday, July 16, 2012

9 pics from last 9 days

sometimes one lounging chair just isn't sufficient ~ the pinnacle of relaxation

MN lard-friends visiting  
Tess & kids

Family from MN visiting us!!!! 

Mike Healy teaching self defense at Heartline
Port au Prince Fellowship, Hope singing with Troy
Walnise doing well
Kick-Ball Championship Tournament July 2012 with Matt & Tina & Aidan Cleary

Holy cow the last six weeks have been insane.  Thank you to that stopped in to encourage and love on us and give us strawberries and bacon. (all 21 of you!) We're able to be here because you help us be here.  Thank you for that. 

This morning the third birth of July took place at Heartline Ministries. We're anxious to welcome some more new little ones into the world this month. The guys are looking toward the future as the Men's Bakery Program continues to be developed. The Harbor House gals graduate and transition into the next phase of their lives late this week. We'll be praying about the next group of residents at Harbor House and would appreciate if you'd join us in that. 

Random Haitian Proverb of the day: "Kote y’ap plimen kòdenn, poul pa ri.Where they pluck turkeys, chickens do not laugh.