Tuesday, July 03, 2012

of cousins & new babies

L to R: Phoebe, Lydia, Noah, Hope, Aidan, Isaac at Wahoo Bay

After the all day Saturday and Sunday dueling labors and deliveries, we headed to the beach to be total lards on Monday.  The day was lovely and restful. Isaac had someone ask him if he was Isaac of "Ask Isaac" ? - he was totally incredulous to have a real live person tell him they read what he writes. :) 

  • Jeronie gave birth to a 6 pound 10 ounce baby girl at 5pm Saturday. Everything went well with her delivery.
  • Sunday at hour 33 of Walnise's labor it was determined that something was preventing her from dialating to 10cm (she stalled at 9cm for 9 hours) and we had to make the sad/hard decision to transport her for a C/Section. Walnise made us teary with her short speech telling us that we were all very patient and that it was not our fault and it was not her fault and that we all did what we could.  
  • Jeronie went home late day Sunday.
  • Monday Jeronie's baby quickly became very ill with a high fever.  Beth, Wini and a visiting nurse (Lise) got the baby on an IV and eventually they were able to get Medishare (Bernard Mevs Hospital) to accept the baby (after two strike outs at other hospitals). We're grateful Medishare is caring of Jeronie's baby girl.
  • Walnise was released from the hospital around noon today. She had a baby boy via C-Section Sunday night. She told us that the hospital also tried using Pitocin and she could not advance to 10 cm.  (thus the c-sec) Her son is beautiful and is 6lbs 14 ounces, he is yet to be named. 
Jeronie & Grandma and new baby girl

Walnise, Joseph and their new son

Please hold these moms and their new little ones in your prayers in the coming days and weeks. It is quite humbling to see the homes they return to with their precious, tiny newborns.  These are incredibly brave & strong women. We pray God provides and protects in miraculous ways.