Monday, July 09, 2012

Jesus is here, difficult

Jesula D.
Meet Jesula Difficile. She is 31 and has one five year old. She has also lost two children during pregnancy. She's currently expecting again. 

Her life is filled with challenges we cannot even begin to imagine. She lives close to the edge. 

In spite of that she carries herself with dignity and courage. She experiences joy in the midst of her struggles. Her story is just one of many women in Haiti that bear incredibly heavy loads.

Recent stories told in daily interaction and relationship:

  • A pregnant woman is being abused by her husband. She has no one to go live with and she understands that reporting him won't accomplish anything that will result in improvements in her life.
  • A family of eight informs us that it is a 'non-dinner night'. They eat dinner every other night. On Friday at four p.m. they know that their next meal will be Saturday night. They're not fasting on purpose, they're fasting because their family budget allows for meals to be made and consumed approximately every-other day.  
  • A newborn baby comes down with a high fever and no hospital with room can be found to admit the baby.
It has been a few months since Jesula joined the Prenatal program.  From the day I wrote her name on her file it has become a regular part of our vernacular.  Jesula translates: "Jesus is here".  Difficile (difisil) translates: "difficult".

When Troy and I have our nightly debriefing and discuss the joys and sorrows from the day we tend to go round and round and round. Sometimes the best way to sum it all up is to simply add in one quick statement.  "Jesula Difficile, wi?" 

Jesus is here. 

We see that. 

Life is difficult. 

We see that. 

Pray for Haiti. 
Pray for the justice of Jesus to come quickly.