Wednesday, July 18, 2012

head space

The last few months have both Troy and I trapped in our heads a bit.  We can sit and talk to one another at the end of the day and not measure or weigh our words with one another, but trying to write in this public space about some of the recent confusion and struggles feels daunting. That is why there have not been very many words of substance printed here lately.

Hopefully at some point the word block will end and the words will be released like doves from their prison inside my head.

I intentionally ran a bunch of miles in June and then got too busy to run much in the first half of July.  That always changes how I cope and how I process and find my peace with whatever is troubling me.

I ran twice recently and found myself processing things more effectively as a result of just a couple of short neighborhood runs. Hopefully now that things might slow down a bit and there will be time to log some miles - the discouragement we've been flirting with will quickly separate itself into neat little categories that we can reconcile easily somehow.

Unfortunately Isaac, Noah, and I waited too long to start our run today. The little men and I could only pull off a couple miles in the beating hot noon sun. Our conversations took us from machetes to "kissing that one sick way where you twist your tongues together" and then back to machetes. 

We covered much more distance in our conversations than with our feet today.  

The good news is this:  Tomorrow is new day to run, and to reason, and to listen, and to pray.