Monday, July 16, 2012

new life

Elienne is an adorable, coy, 29 year old woman. She has been coming to Prenatal program faithfully for many months. She missed only one Thursday in all of her months of pregnancy.

Elienne had an amazingly normal and uneventful pregnancy.

Sunday morning around 8am her water broke. She labored throughout the day Sunday and into Monday morning.  This morning right around 8am she welcomed her first-born into the world. He is 7 pounds even, 100% perfect, and is a champion breast-feeder already.  We're grateful to share their joy and thankful for the way your support and prayers help make our programs possible.

Mesi Jezi pou tout bagay ou te fe, e' ou pral fe. Thank you Jesus for everything you did and will do. Amen.