Monday, February 18, 2013

bullet point update

  • Just updated the summer-school teacher request, we added a few details - see here.
  • The young woman here has begun to accept the news of her virus. Thanks for praying, please keep praying for her.
  • Beth is in the USA taking important midwifery exams. We're all excited for her and praying she crushes those tests. The kids sang a little song (video above) we penned in less than two minutes (evident??) to encourage her as she left  - nothing better than having your son ask "So, what is prolonged rupture of membranes anyway mom?" - Don't ask questions, son, - just.sing.
  • Words:
    placenta pelvis preeclampsia previa pregnancy palpate posterior pitocin pregnancy prenatal progesterone prolonged rupture of membranes presentation prolapsed cord these things begin with P - a lot of things in midwifery being with P - and we are PRAYING for you to have PEACE! 
  • Melissa (one of our preceptors - another P!) is making time to go over things I am studying and I must confess I never ever imagined the discussing of cervical dilation would be a hot topic in my life, but as it turns out, I was wrong. Melissa is a great teacher. We're currently waiting on Marie Fusenie and Yvette to deliver. Both are due late Feb/early March.
  • If you are a midwife (CNM, LM, CPM) with experience in a developing country (cannot take a student at this time) and have interest in serving a month or so in Haiti this year, please write to me (Tara) at  -  thanks! 
  • The Ed'H peeps (electric company) dropped by a bill so large I could have flown all the kids to Florida for a nice lunch and spent less.  I wish that was hyperbole. Then, they also cut our house from the access to the city power at the exact moment they brought the bill. Not really sure how that works.  I guess we are supposed to know we owe them before they tell us. This guarantees that Troy will spend most of Tuesday trying to get them paid and over here to reconnect. When the batteries die the kids wake up -  there is not anything we can do to give them their fans/bug protection (and the white noise to drown out rooster farm) back.  Family time at 3am, not a parental favorite. If Dr. Jen were here I'd be requesting doctor approved sleeping enhancements stat. (Yes, "needing" fans is a bit of a first world demand, and yes we are the privileged to even have the ability to miss them.)