Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Chin meets cement corner ~ no contest for guy smiley.

"I am really starting to like the word serendipitous."

"If you run into an anaconda, do.not. harass it."

"I have a question. Why do your eyes make tears only when you're sad?"

"What is the origin of the word animosity?"

"Have a good day, may God be with you, Mama." (every.single.morning.)

"Thank you for teaching us, Mr. Jimmy." (every.single.afternoon.)

"What is the root word of the word protocol?"

*Intallment 1 of ISAACUMEN (isaac acumen) - more to come.


Brazenlilly said...

I know we've never met in person, but have I mentioned that I'd really love my daughter to marry Isaac?! Is that stalker-ish? Sorry about that. He's just captured our hearts! Can't wait for more installments. -Jen T.

Megan said...

Just reading this put a big smile on my face. This little guy brings joy to so many peoples' faces, including those of us who have never met him!

Grandpa Bob Livesay said...

From Grandpa Bob Livesay,

Question for you. Have you ever had tears from an emotional experience of joy? Like the super-bowl ad from Budwiser. It was about a big horse that was raised by a very loving and caring man. The big horse went into a parade when it grew up. The man stood and watched and was happy with what he saw and walked away. Then, something special happened. What the horse did then, during that commercial made me weep a little, and tell me if it made you weep just a little too after you see it. It is called tears of joy and affection for those you love when they make you happy.

Saintly Nurse said...

I have never met this kid and he brightens my day so much!!! :)

Holly said...

Sorry, Jen (Brazenlilly), but MY daughter is way more age appropriate for Isaac! What a sweetheart! I would so LOVE to be his teacher! Thanks for sharing, Tara!

Susannah said...

Wow, that's one smart, polite, caring guy you've got there!