Friday, February 08, 2013

ISAACUMEN (vol. 2)

This photo captures the essence of Isaac ... Our people-loving, smiley peacekeeper.

  • "I am thinking about studying the history of cathedrals. But only after I study the ten most predatory animals."
  • (to Paige) "I cannot believe you were THAT young when Monsters Inc. came out. You sure are becoming more ancient."
  • "Wart.Waaarrt." (long pause) "That is a weird word."
  • "I don't ever want blocked tear ducts - I wonder how you prevent that?"
  • (to Troy) "Did they have lots of new words when you were learning spelling - or words that were combinations of words like smoke and fog - so like was smog a word when you were a kid?"
    Troy - "Yes, smog was a word when I was a kid - I am not that old."
    "Oh, I thought maybe that one started on 9/11"