Friday, February 8, 2013

ISAACUMEN (vol. 2)

This photo captures the essence of Isaac ... Our people-loving, smiley peacekeeper.

  • "I am thinking about studying the history of cathedrals. But only after I study the ten most predatory animals."
  • (to Paige) "I cannot believe you were THAT young when Monsters Inc. came out. You sure are becoming more ancient."
  • "Wart.Waaarrt." (long pause) "That is a weird word."
  • "I don't ever want blocked tear ducts - I wonder how you prevent that?"
  • (to Troy) "Did they have lots of new words when you were learning spelling - or words that were combinations of words like smoke and fog - so like was smog a word when you were a kid?"
    Troy - "Yes, smog was a word when I was a kid - I am not that old."
    "Oh, I thought maybe that one started on 9/11"


JenniferJ said...

Every family should have an Isaac. Love him.

Graham said...

A fellow with a racetrack mind!

I wonder if he'd enjoy programming; inquisitiveness and creativity are good qualities for it.

This is a good place to start. Logo is a simple programming language where you write programs that draw things.

Melda said...


Melda said...

Isaac - my eyes make happy tears too.
And they come more freely the older I get,
because I don't care as much about what other
people think as I did when I was younger.
So I just don't fight it back.

You are adorable!
Keep being YOU!

God made you just the way you are!

tommy said...

Haiti, Land Of Freedom with god on our side the lovely land will go forward