Wednesday, February 20, 2013


"I'll be back in a jibbey."

"Dad. Tell me about the word deluge." (Troy does) "Oh my goodness, I like that word."

"What does it mean that God can be the beginning and the end?"

"Isn't it amazing that God made crocodiles able to stand on their tails? I wish I could be a crocodile so I could see what it is like to stand on my tail. I would be the master of the water."

"And dog tails are amazing. Do you think they can wag at any speed to keep the same beat as any song? It is almost like their tails are a metronome."

"If I smacked the water with my crocodile tail I could create a DELUGE!" 

(Oldie but a goodie) "Don't be rude to God's nature."  
(a regular part of Livesay vernacular ever since)

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vol. 2


keight dukes said...

i LOVE this child!!!

Marcy P said...

I absolutely love your Isacumens (I probably spelled that wrong) he has the best thought processes ever!

T & T Livesay said...

He's a gem. We need no other entertainment.

Just Another Note said...

I agree - this young man makes each day fun and interesting!

SILK said...
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Melissa said...

Isaac is wonderful. I wish I had an Isaac!

Britney said...

Was he reading a book about tails? I'm so glad you are recording these awesome memories.

Genealogy Joanie said...

I enjoy Isaac's wit and wisdom but most of all I love the tenderness displayed in that photo.

terri said...

Seriously, Isaac can come and live with me if he wants.