Friday, December 23, 2005

One more sleep till Hope's Birthday

Hope and Isaac measure everything in "sleeps" (or naps). For some reason to say that something is two days away is not a good way to measure it. They want to know how many more naps they have to take before the day arrives.

Isaac said yesterday "How many more sleeps before I move to the house called Haiti?" I said "about 45 more sleeps Isaac." He stared at me blankly. 45 is way too many to comprehend, 10 is his limit. It is the airplane ride he wants, he has no idea beyond that.

They both seem to understand that one more sleep means it will be Hope's Birthday! Isaac was with me when I shopped for her gifts so she already knows that she is getting a fancy Cinderella dress and the movie Ice Age ... thanks Isaac.

Hope was born on Christmas Eve four years ago. Her birthmother had gone to the orphanage to get help while she was in labor and the orphanage director gave her money to take a tap-tap (Haitian public transportation, see photo above) to the hospital. Hope arrived before they made it to the hospital. She was born in front of everyone on the tap-tap.

Hope came to Minnesota when she was nine months old, we were able to celebrate her first birthday with her. She had a very glazed look for the first three months she was here ... she never smiled and looked so lost and detached. God has done so much in her life! We now know such a different little girl. (Photo with Isaac is shortly after they arrived, silly photo taken by Paige a few weeks ago.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPE!