Tuesday, December 06, 2005


We are currently at 85% of our fundraising goal. Once we hit the 100% mark Troy will choose his move date and book the flight. We are aiming for January 15th. We have one person very interested in our house. We hope to rent it for December 20th so we can get that finished before we travel for Christmas with Tara's parents in Texas. Please pray that God shows us His timing but even more importantly, pray that we don't go crazy waiting to see how it is all going to work out! Some of us are a little crazier than others. ARGH! You can make your own assumptions about that. ;)

The photos above are from the September trip to Haiti. One of us with some kids that followed us on our hike, and one of an average house in the village; this house is right outside the gates of the Lifeline Mission.