Sunday, December 18, 2005

We've Moved & other Miscellaneous Things

This will be random. Forgive us, our brains are mostly fried.

Proof of this; today I asked Troy for directions to the gym that was close to my Mom and Dad's house. By the time he was done giving me the directions I said "Where was I asking you to give me directions to?" ACK!
(We are living at my parents house until we move to Haiti.)

Seriously, trying to keep everything straight while we packed and separated things, may have used every last brain cell. We now have four categories. 1-Storage 2-Needs to be used in the next 30-45 days in winter weather 3-Needs to go to Texas for family Christmas trip 4-Needs to go to Haiti.

THEN, there is the Good Will pile, the Mya (smaller cousin) pile and the Tina & Matt pile (they are having a baby next year!) The very last pile is for those things that you stand and hold while you blindly stare into space trying to recall why you ever needed to own such an item. Things like the thighmaster, and the torso trimmer. Wouldn't we love to have a dime for each of those items!

Two items we would really like to sell---proceeds will be used to get us to Haiti:
1- A beautiful full size cello.
2- A very nice Bianchi Mountain Bike

And, Things we need if you know of anyone looking to sell or donate:
1- A laptop to take to Haiti because we cannot get our home computer down there without it being destroyed or stolen. We need to carry one in our carry on.
2- Airline miles that could be used on American Airlines flights.

If you have any ideas or interest in the aforementioned items, contact us at

Last, but not least. Someone asked me for a carseat in an email. I cannot remember who asked. Please don't take it personally, but it is plaguing me. So, know that I am not ignoring you; I have just lost my mind. Ask again please!

I am sitting here, avoiding cleaning our empty house ... I better get to it so the renter can have her keys and move into a place without dusty corners & sticky floors. We love you and we can feel your prayers. They are working; we all still like each other!!!!!

Much Love-