Thursday, December 22, 2005

T minus 25 days and counting

Troy leaves in 25 days. This map is the best one we could find on-line. If you go up the coast line from Port au Prince you will see Arcahaie to the North. Where we will be living is about five miles from there; just a little more to the North and about three miles to the east.

We are so happy to be able to live in Big lake at Tara's mom and dad's house; but we still feel a little displaced or something. It is odd.

Today we put Noah on an airplane with his uncle Matt (who is married to Tina; Tara's little sister). Matt was kind enough to fly Noah down for Christmas in Texas so we could avoid 26 hours of car time with a very active 21 month old. Matt agreed to deal with him for three hours on an airplane so we would not have to deal with him for the car ride. That is love!!!!! Good work Matt! Too bad we miss Noah already. We are softies.

It will be so great to be together as a family (Tara's parents, Tara's sister's family and us) for 10 days before we move. We had this plan to do a few weeks together in Texas, long before we knew that we would be moving to Haiti in January. It is cool the way it all worked out. It is quite possible that our family will be happy to see us go by the time the 10 days together is over??? ;-)

We love and appreciate each of you who have offered so generously to pray for us and support us with your financial gifts. We could not do this without you. At times it feels a little scary, but like Britt pointed out yesterday; we don't want to let our ever-changing emotions dictate our day to day living. So we take small steps of faith and move forward each day, trusting the Lord to walk with us; we know He is.